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80ml – can travel through airport security

Our signature Caribbean home made Scotch Bonnet hot sauce
Scotch bonnet peppers feature significantly in classic Caribbean cooking and cuisine. We grow our own peppers in Phuket, and prepare the hot sauce from scratch using a classic Caribbean recipe. Goes with everything!



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Scotch Bonnet Pepper, the Caribbean chili of choice

Why is the Carribbean Scotch Bonnet Pepper very faous?

Because this is THE pepper of the region. In fact, if you say you want a hot pepper in most of the Caribbean islands, the scotch bonnet pepper is what you are handed. Scotch bonnet is used in all sorts of Caribbean cuisine, including the well-known jerk chicken (or jerk pork).

Where does the name Scotch Bonnet come from?

The shape of this famous pepper is what inspired its name. In shape, the pepper with its squashed look appears like a Scotsman’s bonnet (called a Tam o’Shanter hat). Simple as that. Nothing else reminiscent of Scotland about this pepper, but it does have a name that’s hard to forget. It has other names, too, including the Bahama Mama, the Jamaican Hot, the Bahamian, and the Martinique pepper.

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