I start by removing the seeds from selected peppers. Gloves are necessary as exposed skin will be burning for hours!
The seeds are dispersed in potting soils in egg boxes which help retain moisture.

Normally, 5-7 days later tiny seedling start to appear.

These have to be protected by netting as they are very tender and delicious to a multitude of bugs, pests and worms, as non native plants.
4-6 weeks later, these are separated and replanted in small bags of soil, which is a mixture of potting soil, fertiliser, rice grain covers, ground coconut fibres, and ash soil mix.

4-6 weeks later, these can be slowly introduced to early morning sun, and outdoor conditions.
After a week of ‘hardening’, the plants are transferred to their permanent growing location, either in large pots, or in raised beds.
3 months later, your plant should be producing beautiful fruit.
Yields on scotch bonnet and habenero peppers can be as good as 1 kg a week during the growing season, roughly 4 months of the year.