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Dewi StHill - The Boss

Meet the Boss

Dewi’s hotsauce business was conceived through a meeting of a Barbadian and a Balinese in Hong Kong.
Dewi and Phil became involved while working there, and it was during a visit to the Caribbean in 2017 that the seeds of this venture were unknowingly planted.
While visiting family in St.Vincent and the Grenadines 🇻🇨, Dewi noticed that every dining table had a bottle of hotsauce as a standard condiment.
The explanation was that although many people love spicy food, some don’t, and children can’t eat it, so rather than cook with spice, it was left to the diner to add as much or as little hotsauce to their dish as they wish.
Phil’s family had a favourite blend, which was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, but not too overwhelming with heat. They found out from the elder family members what exactly the blend was, and that secret recipe of many generations is what is Dewi’s Caribbean Hot Sauce today.

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Dewi’s love of cooking and gardening was piqued by this, and she was shown a small personal Scotch Bonnet pepper garden at the home where she was staying.
The beauty and vibrant colors, in addition to the unique sweetness and spicy flavour of the Scotch Bonnets captivated her, and she was already thinking about planting them back home in Phuket where they own a property with surrounding land.
Dewi hand carried from St.Vincent via St.Lucia, London and Hong Kong, a large bag of peppers.

Having used the peppers to make an experimental batch of sauce, she planted the seeds, and with her loving care and attention, the seedlings have grown into large pepper trees, and within a year were producing hundreds of peppers each week.

With Hong Kong no longer in the picture, Dewi started posting on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in trying her hotsauce.
The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the decision made itself to start a small home production business in Phuket.

Drawing on her love of food and cooking, Dewi Hot Sauce Co.Ltd is now a registered company with FDA approval, a small factory, export licence, and a farm to produce the peppers which are not to be found in Thailand or surrounding countries.

Such is the acceptance of her initial products, Dewi now produces several different sauces and seasonings, and is diversifying into Indonesian favourites, and different Caribbean style dishes from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

Dewi StHill - Dewi Caribbean Hot Sauce

What is Dewi’s Caribbean hot sauce?

The Caribbean, or West Indies, is characterized by it’s people’s zest for life, it’s freedom from regimentation, it’s warm climate and clean beautiful seas and the importance of having a good time.
Drinking, eating, dancing and singing are pastimes closely associated with life in the islands, and Caribbean people know how to party!
Rum and reggae music are probably the best known exports along with calypso cricket, and it is our belief that Caribbean cuisine and tastes will one day be elevated to the same international acceptance.
Dewi’s Hot Sauce Co Ltd has a mission to help that become a reality.

Our products reflect the culinary diversity of this region, from Trinidad in the south, Barbados in the east, to Jamaica and beyond to the Central American mainland.

Scotch bonnet and habenero peppers feature heavily in Dewi’s products, and provide that unique spicy sweetness which these peppers are world renowned for.

Add some fun and excitement in your food by using Dewi’s food products, characterized by the liberal use of Scotch bonnet to provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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Daphne Ewing-Chow

Senior Contributor, FORBES

Our Approach

“I was never in it to be a millionaire”.
All I need to do is to make enough fresh chilli sauce so that everyone who wants
Dewi Caribbean Hot Sauce
can have it. Nothing more!

Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Scotch Bonnet peppers have a very balanced taste. They are very similar in taste, and heat content to Red Habereno, and compliment each other perfectly to make hot sauce with. I only use organic fertiliser to grow the peppers.

Online Orders

You will find on our website all our products ready to be purchased and delivered to your door. Once your payment finalised, you will receive your order within 48 hours. Safe and Secure orders with Dewi Carribean Hot Sauce.

Are you ready to order?

You can find all our home made organic products in our online shop. You can order safely and get your parcel delivered to you by EMS or directly to your home in Phuket.

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